Wet Pour Graphics

If you are in the Wet-pour Impact Absorbing Safety Surfacing Industry you are well aware of how time consuming installing multi coloured graphics to a Wet-pour surface can be.

With traditional methods it can take days painstakingly cutting your graphics to shape, waiting hours on end for each individual colour to cure before the next one can be inserted and then having to relying solely on the artistic skills of the installer on how the finished graphic is going to look.

Using this new to the market place range of compressed coloured EPDM rubber graphics this can now be a thing of the past, Wet-pour graphics multi coloured designs can now be installed the same day as the surface coat is installed guaranteeing huge savings on labour costs and materials which can then be passed on to the end user enabling you to win that all important contract.

Wet Pour Graphics are consistently true to form meaning the graphic you order today will be the same as the graphic you order tomorrow and their after.