Wet Pour Repair Kit

Wet Pour Graphics would like to introduce their new easy to use wet-pour safety surfacing kits. Each kit contains all the materials required to repair small damaged areas of wet -pour safety surfacing.

The kits have been prepared to mix the ingredients together to repair an area of up to 0.5 square meters at a depth of 15mm. Each kit contains EPDM rubber granules in any colour required, single part moisture curing polyuret hane binder (SSPT 46) and single part moisture curing (SSPrimer). The polyurethane primer (SSPrimer) comes with brush applicator. Also included is a pair of latex gloves. The bucket the kit is supplied in also acts as the mixing container. Full installation instruction is on each mixing bucket.

The only additional items requires to complete the repair is a Stanley knife or similar, a float or screed, a stirrer and some soapy water to coat the float or screed.

Discounts available for larger order quantities, please contact us for more information.

Please see below, example photos of a repair